Welcome To The Shop

Lindstrom Family Automotive is a family owned full service repair shop. We specialize in domestic and japanese import repair, and our technicians have over forty years combined experience.

Our facility is conveniently located on Morganton Rd. between William Blount Drive and Foothills Mall Drive.

Our Mission

At LFA, we work to provide excellent services at affordable prices. Our shop has state of the art diagnostic equipment used to provide an accurate analysis of your vehicle.

Our partnership with local parts suppliers allows us to get you back on the road as fast as possible, while balancing cost and quality.


Let's Get In Touch

Phone calls are the most direct way to reach us during business hours. We check our email daily as well. All work is scheduled by appointment only.

You can look us up on Facebook and Google+, or just click the links to the right.

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  • Oil Changes
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  • Preventative Maintenance
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  • Brakes
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  • Steering and Suspension
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  • Emissions
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  • Charging System
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  • Air Conditioning

Oil Changes

  • Oil changes are a simple and effective way to extend the life of your vehicle.
  • We recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Each vehicle has specific maintenance needs outlined by the owner's manual. Performing proper maintenance will prevent internal engine problems and costly repairs later.
  • If you have any questions about your vehicle's maintenance needs please contact us.


  • The only thing as important as making your car go, is making it stop The braking system is made up of hydraulic and friction parts that wear over time.
  • Contact us for up to date pricing and more information about brake jobs.

Steering and Suspension

  • The steering and suspension systems of your vehicle are closely related. These parts, which include ball joints, shocks, struts, and tie rod ends, all wear over time due to every day travel.


  • The emissions system controls the amount of air brought into the vehicle, and monitors the amount of fuel burned through various sensors.

Charging System

  • The charging system is comprised of the battery and alternator.
  • Failure of any part in this system could cause poor starting and running conditions.

Air Conditioning

  • The air conditioning system is nescessary for the comfort of the passengers. Routine service of the A/C system will allow for a comfortable driving environment year round.